About Us

    The German Craft Council has the task of stim­u­lating debates between design, crafts­man­ship, industry and the public on the aesthetic and social quality of our living envi­ron­ment. To this end, the German Craft Council develops opin­ions and recom­men­da­tions for polit­ical action and coor­di­nates them with compa­rable insti­tu­tions in other coun­tries.

    Meis­terrat e.V. was first appointed in April 2019 in Berlin and arose from activ­i­ties in the vicinity of the Direk­toren­haus. With the Craft Council, an insti­tu­tion is created that advo­cates improving the envi­ron­mental condi­tions for those persons and compa­nies in Germany who pursue decel­er­ated produc­tion and set high quality stan­dards for prod­ucts that take func­tional, aesthetic and social aspects into account.

    The name “Meis­terrat” refers to its histor­ical prede­cessor, the Master Council of the Bauhaus in Weimar. The members of the German Craft Council exer­cise their office person­ally and inde­pen­dently. The members of the council are to repre­sent creative, craft, philo­soph­ical, art-histor­ical, ethical, social, economic and legal inter­ests in a special way as well as different ethical approaches and a plural spec­trum of opin­ions.

    The German Craft Council itself deter­mines the topics for its work, but it can also be commis­sioned by a third party to work on a specific topic.



    The German Craft Council sees one of its main tasks in opposing the margin­al­ized social status of the creative crafts in Germany.

    The aim of the German Craft Council is to:

    • raise aware­ness of the social rele­vance of the craft sector
    • to accom­pany the public debate on ques­tions of good life
    • to improve the economic situ­a­tion of designers, craftsmen and manu­fac­turers
    • to estab­lish the quality concept “Hand­made in Germany” inter­na­tion­ally
    • to intro­duce young people to career paths in creative crafts­man­ship
    • to bring forgotten or margin­al­ized hand­i­craft prac­tices back into the lime­light
    • to secure the future viability of german manu­fac­to­ries.



    The Craft Council deals with 7 main topics:

    • Quality
    • sustain­ability
    • digital trans­for­ma­tion
    • educa­tion and youth
    • foreign trade
    • trade
    • intan­gible cultural heritage

    Along these themes the Craft Council works on different levels:

    The Craft Council would like to strengthen the visi­bility and economic posi­tion of German work­shops through exhi­bi­tions at home and abroad.

    Market devel­op­ment
    The Craft Council works on improving market access and expan­sion by partic­i­pating in trade fairs and creating or networking with new trading plat­forms.

    Theory devel­op­ment
    The Craft Council brings experts together to further develop the theory and discourse surrounding the craft of design.

    Networking and exchange
    The Craft Council networks actors in the creative trades with public insti­tu­tions and part­ners and seeks exchange with politi­cians.

    The Craft Council supports ambi­tious activ­i­ties of the actors through prizes and schol­ar­ships.



    Boat building at Robbe & Berking

    The Council is an instru­ment for the promo­tion of design and crafts­man­ship in Germany. It brings together scien­tists and repre­sen­ta­tives of public life with entre­pre­neurs from various sectors on an equal footing. They engage in a contin­uous dialogue on the central issues of non-indus­trial produc­tion in Germany.

    The Scien­tific Commis­sion of the Council has 17 members. The scien­tists appointed to the Craft Council should neither repre­sent the inter­ests of a partic­ular subject nor those of a partic­ular insti­tu­tion or organ­i­sa­tion. They are expected to contribute profes­sional excel­lence to the topics rele­vant to the Council.

    The Artistic Commis­sion of the Master Council has 20 members. The cura­tors, craftsmen and designers appointed to the Craft Council decide annu­ally on the thematic prior­i­ties.

    The Economic Commis­sion consists of 22 members, whereby the repre­sen­ta­tives of the different branches of the arts and crafts trades as well as the branches of the medium-sized manu­fac­to­ries are to be repre­sented. In the working groups the drafts are compiled, which are then adopted after previous consul­ta­tion.

    The selec­tion of the commis­sion members for the period 2019–2020 will be announced. The recom­men­da­tions and state­ments of the Council will be published and can be obtained from the office.

    Meisterrat Deutschland e.V.i.G.
    German Craft Council
    at Direktorenhaus
    Am Krögel 2
    D‑10179 Berlin
    Phone: +49 (030) 48491929