The “Manufakturen-Guide 2021” Berlin-Brandenburg

In this detailed guide to manufacturing and arts and crafts, well over 220 manufactories, designers and arts and crafts workshops from the capital region are presented. The selection of the best manufacturers in various categories is made by experienced industry experts. Throughout the year, they critically examine the quality, design standards and sustainable production of the products of the already recommended workshops and the new ones.

The best addresses in the region — from porcelain manufacturers to bespoke shoemakers and craft beer breweries — can be found in the guide. For easier orientation, the guide also includes many city maps and an atlas in which all the places mentioned are listed. 
The format of the Manufactory Guide is compact and fits easily into any large handbag or suitcase.




The Manufactory Guide presents not only luxury manufactories, but above all regional workshops that operate at an above-average level but are not mentioned in any other guide because they have no lobby or corresponding trade relations.
The Manufakturen-Guide is a source of information for good, sustainable and regional manufacturers.




The Manufakturen-Guide offers a selection of the leading manufacturers, designers and craftsmen in all price and product categories in the region; as a result, you will find classic-style manufacturers alongside newly founded studios and start-ups that combine their own handicraft production with innovative technologies. Inclusion in the guide is based on clearly defined and objective criteria. Pictograms and key words facilitate orientation for the reader.




The Manufacture Guide takes a holistic view of the performance of the manufacturers: factors such as independence, sustainability, regional production, design and the use of high-quality materials are taken into account, as is the handcrafted production of the specific products. The Manufakturen-Guide aims to contribute to a change in consumption in which good regional products — and not just food — are increasingly becoming an alternative to the usual industrial products in everyday life.



Size and/or weight : 11.18 x 2.54 x 19.05 cm

Circumference: 420 pages

Publisher : Meisterrat Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.

1st edition Language: German

Thin paper



The Manufactory Guide of the Council of Masters can be ordered from the Council of Masters Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. by e‑mail: and costs 22 EUR.