Gottseidank Modelabel, Atelierfotografie

Designing means offering aesthetic resis­tance. Friedrich von Borries threw this bonmot into space in his book “Welte­nen­twerfen. A Polit­ical Design Theory”. When deciding whether — and how — one wants to be active as a designer in the present “designing” or “subju­gating”, the frame­work condi­tions of the respec­tive society within which the designers operate must be taken into account.

Conse­quently, without a healthy dose of courage one cannot get any further in design. In terms of fashion, it was unthink­able for a long time in Germany for young fashion designers to venture into the subject of tradi­tional costumes. Thank God (“Gott­sei­dank”) there have been new impulses for some time now.

Ohne eine gesunde Portion Mut kommt man folglich auch im Design nicht weiter. Für die Mode gesprochen war es in Deutsch­land lange Zeit undenkbar, dass sich junge Modedesigner an das Thema Trachten heran­wagen. Gott­sei­dank gibt es seit einiger Zeit neue Impulse.


Gott­sei­dank from Munich rein­ter­prets tradi­tional costume fashion. In times of glob­al­i­sa­tion, tradi­tional costume conveys textile messages of indi­vid­u­ality and iden­tity, the unique and the local, the authentic and the lived. Modern­izing Tracht requires an under­standing of histor­ical as well as contem­po­rary influ­ences and devel­op­ments. A conscious and authentic under­standing of tradi­tional costume not only leads to the preser­va­tion of passed on values and tech­niques, but also to their substan­tial further devel­op­ment, which can be ground­breaking and forma­tive.


Gott­sei­dank, Atelier

The combi­na­tion of futurism and the past are the deter­mining and promoting compo­nents of one and the same path. It is about a reci­p­rocal rela­tion­ship between the proven, the present and the future. Gott­sei­dank iden­ti­fies itself with the history and tradi­tion of tradi­tional costume and wants to remain faithful to it.

Gott­sei­dank, Tracht

The credo of Gott­sei­dank is to create a tradi­tional costume that meets histor­ical demands and at the same time meets the needs of today’s urban society. Gott­sei­dank is not inter­ested in rein­venting the tradi­tional costume, but in devel­oping it authen­ti­cally in today’s context. In the end, the meaning of tradi­tional costume remains unfath­omable. Each wearer has his or her own person­ality. Thank God we want to give impulses to this person­ality with our costume creations.

Gottseidank at Direktorenhaus
Direktorenhaus, Berlin