Handmade in Germany. Manufactory 4.0

Manufactories from Germany have a worldwide reputation. Whether porcelain, watches, organs or writing instruments — the mastery finds its origin in the traditional craftsmanship training in Central Europe, which is part of the immaterial cultural heritage. However, in the 21st century, the fundamental processes of change brought about by digitalisation and globalisation are clearly noticeable to every individual. Manufactories too must reinvent themselves in the face of the world market: They are relying on future technologies and trying to combine the vision of a “Manufacture 4.0” with the classic self-image of the workshops. This is how globally networked companies emerge that are oriented towards human dimensions and are concerned with sustainability in their production. Handmade in Germany. Manufactory 4.0. provides an insight into the practice and future ideas of the most important German manufactories.

The book „Handmade in Germany. Manufactory 4.0.“ portrays, among others:

Kebe Living, Feinbrennerei Simons, Dr. Jaglas, Doktorenhof, Jens Rittmeyer, Hoffmann Metallgefäße, Schmiede Münks, Kupfermanufaktur Weyersberg, Benzinger, Uhrenunikate Philippe Wurtz, Ganglof Ulbricht, Nadine Werner, Urban Tarrazzo, Aceteam, zeitguised, Ursula Wagner, Sascha Peeters, Schotten und Hansen, Hasenkopf, Gipsformerei Berlin, Schuke Orgelbau, Steingräber Bayreuth, COR, Thonet, Isle of Dogs, Anna von Mangold, Catharina Mende, Anta, Avantgarde Acoustic, Clearaudio, Buben & Zörweg, Leica, Urban Motors, A Lange & Söhne, Faber-Castell, Hering Berlin, Fürstenberg Nymphenburg, KPM, Theresienthal, Meissen, Robbe & Berking, Koch & Bergfeld, Güde, ODEEH, aeyde, Korbinian Ludwig Heß, Frank Leder, Fiona Bennett, UNDGRETEL, Gottseidank, Berlepsch, Werkstatt München, Tsatsas.

Editor: Katja Kleiss
240 pages
Publisher: ARNOLDSCHE; Auflage: 1 (Juli 2019)
Languages: Englisch, Deutsch
ISBN-10: 3897905418
ISBN-13: 978–3897905412
Scale: 20,3 x 27,9 cm