Collaborative presentation at Design Week Hebei

In November 2019, the 2nd Inter­na­tional Indus­trial Design Week will be held in Shiji­azhuang. Under the motto “Design Force strengthens the city of the future”, the event will present devel­op­ment trends of the future and prod­ucts of special quality.

Design insti­tutes and industry asso­ci­a­tions from over 40 coun­tries in North America, Europe and Asia take part in the event. During the fair, a program consisting of exhi­bi­tions, forums and media confer­ences will present the latest design and manu­fac­turing prod­ucts. This year’s exhi­bi­tion covers more than 6.000 square meters. Foreign partic­i­pants mainly from Germany, Finland, the USA and Sweden, have about 60 % of the exhi­bi­tion space.

The city of Shiji­azhuang is widely unknown to many in this country; however, due to its prox­imity to Beijing, the city, which has about 10,9 million people living in its metro­pol­itan area, is increas­ingly coming into focus. According to a 2014 study, Shijiazhuang’s gross domestic product is $ 130,5 billion in purchasing power parity.