Collaborative presentation at Design Week Hebei

In November 2019, the 2nd International Industrial Design Week will be held in Shijiazhuang. Under the motto “Design Force strengthens the city of the future”, the event will present development trends of the future and products of special quality.

Design institutes and industry associations from over 40 countries in North America, Europe and Asia take part in the event. During the fair, a program consisting of exhibitions, forums and media conferences will present the latest design and manufacturing products. This year’s exhibition covers more than 6.000 square meters. Foreign participants mainly from Germany, Finland, the USA and Sweden, have about 60 % of the exhibition space.

The city of Shijiazhuang is widely unknown to many in this country; however, due to its proximity to Beijing, the city, which has about 10,9 million people living in its metropolitan area, is increasingly coming into focus. According to a 2014 study, Shijiazhuang’s gross domestic product is $ 130,5 billion in purchasing power parity.