Manufakturen Guide Berlin/Brandenburg

In this detailed manufactory and artisan guide you will find the best manufactories, designers and art workshops from Berlin/Brandenburg. So it’s all about “creative quality craftsmanship”: The hope of objects that last for a long time after their purchase is attached to craftsmanship. Economically speaking, this small encyclopedia gathers something like the “non-industry”.

But where can you find these things? In retail stores, almost not at all. That’s the original reason, the motivation for this manufactory guide: it wants to track down what you no longer discover by chance in the small stores of the streets and what gets lost in the rushing waves and price filters of the Internet. Rare crafts, the better product alternatives, the insider tips and new manufactory start-ups that would never call themselves that.

For several years now, a productive and diverse tradition-busting development has been underway that has thoroughly changed the understanding of what formative craft can be today. Craft is catapulting itself into the future. Craftsmanship is sustainable, craftsmanship is regional, craftsmanship is oriented to the human scale. Impulses are coming not only from the classic manufactories, but also from artisans and design studios that are reinventing themselves and producing and selling their own series or collections.

Berlin is a center of this development. This guide summarizes the exciting scene in the capital region for the first time. If you’re looking for a quality alternative to mainstream products, check out this book. If you want to visit places, perhaps as a trip with the whole family, visit the studios and workshops. Do workshops, too. Or, if you are looking for business partnerships that are artisanal and high quality, you will find it here.


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