Political Agenda 2019

The German Craft Council presented it’s economic policy agenda on 1 April 2019. They are summarised in 16 reform proposals. The proposals deal with personnel and training issues, support for manufactories in exports and the creation of structures that promote regional collaboration and a continuous exchange of knowledge.

Improving entrepreneurial structures through personnel development

  • Wage subsidies for assistants (accounting, office, IT, foreign languages)
  • Wage cost promotion for innovation assistants in the areas of design, PR, entrepreneurship, innovation management
  • sponsored traineeships/traineeships for the gradual development of permanent employment relationships

Securing sustainability through innovation and export promotion

  • Adapting the promotion of innovation and technology to the needs of non-industrial, craft-oriented companies
  • Promotion of design studies and design projects on sufficiency policy
  • Promotion of export clusters (e.g. common retail areas abroad)
  • Adaptation of the AUMA outdoor trade fair promotion to new, relevant international trade fairs
  • Manufactory 4.0: active promotion of digitisation projects for manufactories (for products, processes and commercial and non-commercial business models).

Promote regional collaboration, networking and knowledge sharing.

  • promotion of Community forms of regional trade in goods and services
  • Awarding of scholarships and prizes for student commitment to sustainability
  • Support of image campaigns for sustainability education
  • Support of “Living Labs” between companies, science and customers
  • Initiation of taste development projects

Giving Financial Incentives for Good Business Practices

  • Incentives for lean, ecologically optimised retail ranges
  • Incentives for the creation of sharing models
  • Incentives for regional procurement and regionalised logistics