Deutsche Manufakturenstraße

Deutsche Manufakturenstraße, a route through Germany

Deutsche Manu­fak­turen­straße is the cultural-histor­ical infra­struc­ture project of the Master Council. The manu­fac­tory route was estab­lished in 2017 as a living archive of German manu­fac­to­ries and has been expanded since then. At the same time, it is also a tourist holiday route project on the level of the federal states, combining towns, manu­fac­to­ries and craftsmen with cultural tourism offers.

Whinery Mueller–Catoir, Pfalz

In the regions

Manu­fak­turen­straße is an almost 2500 km long adven­ture road, which leads along four routes to the most impor­tant manu­fac­to­ries in Germany. The routes stretch from the Baltic Sea to Lake Constance and touch all 16 federal states.

A “connecting bond” of the manu­fac­to­ries through Germany has not existed until now. Manu­fac­to­ries in Germany, their activ­i­ties and their role in the region have so far received too little atten­tion. The things that surround us are impor­tant. Today we suffer not from a lack, but from too much. In this respect, the choice of what surrounds us is consti­tu­tive.

As a counter-model to the uniform, above all effi­cient produc­tion method of indus­trial mass produc­tion, manu­fac­to­ries do not produce for the throw­away society, but for the “small batch”. Special prod­ucts of excep­tional quality. Careful crafts­man­ship that is diffi­cult to copy and can hardly be produced in large series at a compa­rable level. These high-quality prod­ucts are not luxury in the sense of wasteful opulence. Rather, their value and beauty should be under­stood as a natural alter­na­tive to mass produc­tion. They enrich our lives in which their use goes beyond their imme­diate func­tion.


Artesic Water from Bran­den­burg: Minus 181

Deutsche Manu­fak­turen­straße is both a defi­nite tourist offer for visi­tors and a network for the manu­fac­to­ries them­selves. As a touristic sight, there is the possi­bility to discover selected manu­fac­to­ries in Germany either in guided groups or inde­pen­dently with the help of apps, maps and brochures or via the online portal. This makes German manu­fac­to­ries, their work and their signif­i­cance in the region visible. The aim is to open up to society. Deutsche Manu­fak­turen­straße organ­ises various exhi­bi­tions, markets and other events to bring producers, dealers and consumers into contact with each other.

Doktorenhof, Photo: Marcus Scheuer­mann

The Deutsche Manu­fak­turen­straße is an archival initia­tive that works to ensure that manu­fac­to­ries in Germany are recog­nised, protected and promoted as impor­tant imma­te­rial cultural assets. The prod­ucts of manu­fac­to­ries are the result of human knowl­edge and skill, are an expres­sion of inven­tive­ness and tradi­tional crafts­man­ship. They are often region­ally rooted and shaped. They convey iden­tity.

Custom Shoes at Vick­er­mann & Stola, Baden-Baden

The knowl­edge of manu­fac­tory produc­tion is passed on from gener­a­tion to gener­a­tion and contin­u­ally redesigned. This type of region­ally rooted tradi­tion lines, which have been culti­vated and further devel­oped for a long time, can be found throughout Germany in the most diverse areas.

Furni­ture Produc­tion at Thonet

Deutsche Manu­fak­turen­straße was founded in order to preserve the cultural expres­sions of the manu­fac­tory system existing in Germany. It connects all the impor­tant manu­fac­to­ries along an adven­ture route to form a lively network.

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