The New Theophilus

The Theophilus gathers the artisans in Germany. Through its concise language style, the accuracy of the information and generous photo galleries, Theophilus is a practical companion that leads into the world of quality production, artistic craftsmanship and sustainable economy.

The name Theophilus goes back to the original: the “Theophilus” of the 12th century. The long lost work was discovered in 1770 by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Theophilus was the “Enzyklopädie des deutschen Kunsthandwerks”, written by Theophilus Presbyter, a Benedictine monk from Cologne. His work presented German workshops and various styles of craftsmanship. The new Theophilus picks up this thread again and presents the arts and crafts of today on around 600 pages.

Published by Pascal Johanssen.

Enzyklopädie des deutschen Kunsthandwerks
AV Edition, Stuttgart
February 2020
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