Radical Craft

Glasobjekt von Philipp Weber

Direk­toren­haus, with its exhi­bi­tion rooms and work­shops is a transit zone for arti­sans, designers and manu­fac­to­ries. “Craft­man­ship” is devel­oped beyond the usual. The projects at Direk­toren­haus oscil­late between creative exper­i­ments, new mate­rials, social future plans and design art.

  • Klemens Grund, D7

The Direk­toren­haus’ annual exhi­bi­tion, “Radical Craft”, presents 73 designers and craftsmen who show the impor­tance of hand­i­crafts today and in the future. In the modern­ized world of goods, there are no static prod­ucts, only improve­ments — no stable qual­i­ties, only over­bid­ding. The exhi­bi­tion “Radical Craft” shows how contem­po­rary product design escapes this spiral by refer­ring to its origins: to its exper­i­mental prede­ces­sors in concep­tual art and radical crafts­man­ship. These crit­ical approaches show how impor­tant the quality of the prod­ucts we use every day is: it is a neces­sary condi­tion for a compre­hen­sive economic turn, which is ulti­mately a cultural turn. The way we produce and consume things at the same time is the key to tech­no­log­ical, economic and soci­etal change, driving the dynamics of change among designers, arti­sans and manu­fac­turers. Many of them are already working sustain­ably today and antic­i­pating the future.

In its annual exhi­bi­tion, the Direk­toren­haus shows that there is hardly any funda­mental sepa­ra­tion between designers and craftsmen: For Greek antiq­uity, the term techné encom­passed both crafts­man­ship and tech­nical inge­nuity, i.e. problem-solving behav­iour that we now under­stand as design. The differ­ence between design and crafts­man­ship lies in the way of thinking, between the conser­v­a­tive and the inno­v­a­tive human type. Both designers and craftsmen inter­vene in the debate about consump­tion and the turn­around in pros­perity — with the means of prod­ucts that can be expe­ri­enced sensu­ally, whose value does not diminish over time, but which, from their own depth, increases with every year.

The exhibition is curated by
Pascal Johanssen.
Friday, May 24th 2019 –
Sunday, April 5th 2020
Di – Fr 11 am – 6 pm