Since 2010, Direktorenhaus in Berlin offers a link between applied art, design and contemporary art.

Exhibition “Material Matters”, Benjamin Hubert, Direktorenhaus 2017

The exhibition space  has its own collection as well as changing exhibitions. The exhibitions focus on the noticeably increased importance of design and aesthetics in contemporary life.

Its programme revolves around current design phenomena and deliberately includes the border areas between architecture, art and craftsmanship. “Direktorenhaus” refers  to the tradition of stylistically influential artisan movements such as Arts and Crafts, Werkbund, De Stijl or Bauhaus.

Soirée at Direktorenhaus’ Bar

At the same time, it wants to open up the view to future developments and is a platform for young design, craftsmanship and artistically influenced manufactory production. The director’s multifaceted programme allows different approaches to the understanding of design and applied art, which has changed in recent years.

Illustrative Festival
Direktorenhaus, view from Fischerinsel

Organic culture, bricolage style and digital media unite unbiasedly and confront design with questions of meaning and future. The Direktorenhaus pursues the goal of researching this phenomenon of contemporary design and communicating it to a broad public (even critically).

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Claudia Wagner

Weitere Projekte

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Deutsche Manufakturenstraße

Deutsche Manufakturenstraße, a route through Germany Deutsche Manufakturenstraße is the cultural-historical infrastructure project of the Master Council. The manufactory route was established in 2017 as a living archive of German manufactories and has been expanded since then. At the same time, it is also a tourist holiday route project on the level of the federal

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Design Forum

A Forum for Design In the heart of Berlin, a future laboratory can be created — a place for design, innovation, art, craftsmanship and ecology. The vision is to create a place for sensual experience and aesthetic education, especially in our “de-sensualized” world, which is becoming ever faster, more abstract and more digital. Inside the

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Manufactory Day

The German Craft Council regularly holds annual general meetings, at which lectures and discussions on upcoming issues are on the agenda. In addition to the annual meetings, smaller events are held to provide special information.

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Handmade in Germany Worldtour

With the exhibition curated by the Direktorenhjaus, the myth of German quality work has been travelling since 2014. The concentrated collection of contemporary quality production from Germany shows masterpieces by German manufactories, craftsmen and designers, precious objects and cultural assets handcrafted in Germany. Masterpieces Germany has numerous outstanding manufactories that produce at the highest level.