Handmade in Germany Worldtour

With the exhibition curated by the Direktorenhjaus, the myth of German quality work has been travelling since 2014. The concentrated collection of contemporary quality production from Germany shows masterpieces by German manufactories, craftsmen and designers, precious objects and cultural assets handcrafted in Germany.

Official opening of the Handmade exhibition in Tianjin
Handmade World Tour at the Museum of Applied Arts in Moscow


Germany has numerous outstanding manufactories that produce at the highest level. The reason for this lies in the historical tradition of German craftsmanship.


Handmade World Tour in Shanghai
Culinary producers also presented themselves in China: here in neighbouring Macau.

The training from apprentice to journeyman to master is unique in the world, so that a broad access to traditional knowledge and a great depth of focus are achieved, making craftsmanship one of the most innovative economic sectors in the country. Nevertheless, special environmental conditions apply to manufactories. The production of the manufactories cannot be distributed globally at will, but remains regionally at the location. The consequence is that manufactories in the region keep jobs and create new ones; in contrast to other companies, however, they can hardly rely on cost-saving outsourcing abroad. Manufactories work with highly specialized employees, often trained in the company itself, since the relevant training paths are no longer offered in some cases. Manufactories therefore have to invest a lot in personnel.

Overall, the market environment for manufactories has become more complex today: The national market for high-quality products is limited. Target groups are mainly abroad, but the companies do not find them. Manufactories pursue selective distribution and cannot simply “roll out” products globally and sell them to the mass market via sales intermediaries. The step into foreign markets is a big hurdle for many manufactories. Therefore, the Handmade in Germany Worldtour offers manufactories the opportunity to present themselves internationally.

Handmade World Tour in St. Petersburg

The exhibition “Handmade in Germany” shows German craftsmanship, still influenced by the spirit of artists’ movements such as the Werkbund and Bauhaus, as one of the most important components of Germany’s cultural heritage. Exhibitors include world-famous luxury manufacturers, local manufacturers, individual designers and award-winning art workshops.

Exhibition in Moskau

Internationally present

The exhibition has so far been shown in Asia, America and Europe. The tour led from St. Petersburg via Moscow, Shanghai, Tianjin, Beijing, New York, Brussels, Paris, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Macao and Hong Kong.

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